As sustainability issues continue to evolve for private and independent schools, it’s more important than ever for Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals to demonstrate a wide range of knowledge and skills.

We know quality and integrity are the foundation of your work. AISAP is here to help you provide tangible proof to the independent school community of your commitment to continuing professional development.

The AISAP Credential is designed to do just that.

This formal process will recognize and validate your qualifications through the educational achievement of preparing for and successfully completing the AISAP Credential Exam.

The AEMP Credentialing Exam uses industry standards to ensure each question accurately assesses the essential knowledge and skills reflected in AISAP’s Learning and Development Framework©. Examples of steps taken include:

  • Developed with Subject Matter Experts: Exam questions were developed in collaboration with a group of Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals to ensure the exam measures essential knowledge and skills and is relevant and authentic. Subject Matter Experts received intensive item writing training to ensure each multiple-choice item meets industry standards for quality such as alignment to Performance Behaviors, sufficient Depth of Knowledge (Identification, Application, Synthesis, Evaluation), appropriate structure and free from bias.
  • Multiple Rounds of Item Review and Revision: Questions underwent multiple rounds of review and revision by Credential experts, AISAP leadership and content experts. Question review and revision were informed by pilot administration to a representative group of Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals and a battery of psychometric analyses to inform revision. Examples of analyses included whether certain questions were too easy/too hard and whether admission professional types (experience level, school type, age/ race/sex) performed better or worse on specific questions.

What are the Steps to Achieve and Maintain the Credential?

There are six steps for Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals to take to achieve and maintain the AEMP Credential:

If the following statements describe you, then you are eligible to take the Credential Exam and can make attaining the AEMP Credential your goal:

  • Experience: You have five years of experience as an employee as an Admission Officer, Assistant Director, Associate Director (or comparable title) or one year employed as a Director or Senior Level Administrator at an accredited independent/private school or institute of higher education.
  • Education: You have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Professional Development: You have completed 30 hours of qualifying professional development within the last five years preceding the application submission. Qualifying professional development activities include any continuing professional education that directly relates to AISAP’s Learning and Development Framework. Professional development activities can include live conferences, workshops, seminars or classes (including face-to-face, webinars, and online courses). See more examples here: Continuing Education Courses (CEC).
  • Ethical Behavior and Best Practices: You are committed to upholding the AISAP Ethical Behavior and Best Practices Standards, and have no felony convictions related to the practice of admission and enrollment management.

If you feel you meet the eligibility requirements, proceed by completing an Online AEMP Exam form and paying the required fee.

  • The exam fee is $695.00.
  • Your submission will be reviewed within one week of receipt and you will then receive a notification of approval.
  • Your approved exam submission remains valid for one year after the date of approval.
  • If it expires, the candidate must re-submit with the appropriate fee and receive approval to register for the exam.
  • You will be asked to list 30 hours of professional development activities or Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Examples of professional development activities and hours include: attendance at an AISAP Annual Institute (10 hours for a multi-day conference), CAEP- Certificate for Admission and Enrollment Professionals (10 hours), Webinars (1 hour), Online Courses (1 hour for each class offered).
  • If you decide to take the exam prior to notification of approval, there is a possibility that you will not meet the eligibility criteria and your completed exam will not be scored until the eligibility criteria are met. We therefore strongly recommend waiting to take the exam until receiving notification of approval.

To give yourself the best chance for success begin with self-assessment and plan to build your skills across all aspects of the framework. Develop your own personal reading list and study plan based on your individual needs and knowledge.

Review the Exam Study Guide and build your knowledge in each of the 6 Performance Behaviors.

Remember—you’re not on your AEMP journey alone. Contact Debby Murphy, Director of Education and Learning by phone: 203-421-7051 or email: for assistance with mapping out a personal education plan.

When you purchase the exam you will register and set up your login. When ready you can return here and log in to access the exam.

When you start the exam there are 105-questions and a timer set for 2.5 hours. The exam is administered in a secure online environment. The Credentialing Exam is ADA compliant and AISAP will accommodate candidates who need special arrangements.

Upon completing your submission form and payment, if you require a special testing arrangement, please inform AISAP of your needs in writing and provide documentation in support of your accommodation setting forth the disability, the degree to which the disability impacts your functional abilities and the need for the specific accommodations requested. For further assistance, contact AISAP by phone: 203-421-7051 or email:

After taking the exam you can return here and log in to view the report.
You will receive a report with your exam results within 24 hours of completing the exam.

  • If you pass the exam, you will receive a Credential certificate, within one week, which is issued both electronically and sent to you as a hard copy.
  • You will receive a digital badge which can be displayed as part of your professional profile.
  • You will be recognized at the AISAP Annual Institute and in AISAP publications.
  • If you don’t pass the exam, you will receive an electronic report within one week identifying specific professional learning opportunities to strengthen areas of weakness on the exam.
  • You will also be provided with an opportunity to re-take the exam once at no charge during the one year eligibility period.
  • If this second attempt does not result in a passing score, you will have an opportunity to re-take the exam one additional time at a reduced rate within the one-year period without “re-applying.”

To keep your Credential current you must complete a renewal form every three years, verifying you have completed 30 professional development units within the past 12 months and are upholding AISAP Ethical Behaviors and Best Practices. Qualifying professional development units are the same as those described in the Eligibility Requirements (Step 1).

For any program questions please contact Debby Murphy, Director of Education and Learning by phone: 203-421-7051 or email:

For any technical questions please contact Peter Witham, AISAP CRED Liaison by phone: 608-516-2078 or email:

Now that you have reviewed all the steps you are ready to begin!