Admission And Enrollment Management Professional Credential Exam Form

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Meeting the eligibility requirements outlined in this form is the first step toward earning your Admission and Enrollment Management Professional (AEMP®) Credential.
• Please read and complete each section fully and accurately.
• All qualifying employment experience and professional development activities must be completed at the time the form is submitted.
• Please gather the necessary information to enter your 30 hours of professional development activities into the applicable field(s) below.
• After you have completed the online form please press the submit button at the bottom of the page.
• After pressing submit you will be directed to the checkout page to make an online payment.
• The receipt of your information will be acknowledged within two weeks.
There is no membership requirement to apply for the AEMP exam, and AISAP members and nonmembers will be evaluated equally on the submission and subsequent examination. The AEMP Program does not discriminate on any basis including race, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. Additional information on program requirements, policies, and procedures are available on the website. Upon completing your submission form and payment, if you require a special testing arrangement, please inform AISAP of your needs in writing and provide documentation in support of your accommodation setting forth the disability, the degree to which the disability impacts your functional abilities and the need for the specific accommodations requested. For further assistance, contact Debby Murphy, Director of Education and Learning by phone: 203-421-7051 or email:


I intend to sit for the AEMP exam within 12 months. (Note: Your exam fee includes the cost to take the examination online once within the next 12 months.)

Section 1: Applicant Information
I have completed all applicant information below where I would like mailed AEMP correspondence sent.

Section 2: Standards of Conduct, Disclosure, and Attestations
I have pledged to uphold the AISAP Ethical Behaviors and Best Practices, disclosed any felony convictions. I understand that the program policies are available at

Section 3: Higher Academic Education
I have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Section 4: Qualifying Employment Experience
I have been employed within the past five years by an accredited independent/private school or higher education institution and have completed the years of qualifying professional experience to fulfill program requirements.

Section 5: Professional Development Activities
I have completed at least 30 hours of qualifying independent/private school professional development within the past five years in fulfillment of program requirements. Examples of qualifying professional development and number of hours include: AISAP Annual Institute (10 hours), Webinars (1 hour), Online Courses (1 hour per class), Regional Admission and Enrollment meetings (half day – 4 hours), other comparable multi-day conferences such as EMA, NAIS, ECIS, (10 hours), CAEP program (10 hours). Please contact AISAP’s Director of Education and Learning at for assistance with professional development hours.

Professional Development Completed